Toast To Sherlock, From Bob Wilks

This toast relates specifically to Sherlock’s experience
during The Adventure of the Abbey Grange.

I’m raising my glass to Sherlock.
Because English ways were so formal,
And rather straight-laced,
He reluctantly faced
More moral dilemmas than normal.

Who was right, who was wrong, who was rotten?
Could an English jury decide it?
Though he had solved the case,
He then had to face
A decision to share, or to hide it.

Did the killer deserve to be punished?
Should conspirators serve time in jail?
Should he steer his good friend
Hopkins toward a dead end,
Or tell him he’s on the wrong trail?

A young wife faced a life of mistreatment.
The law said, for divorce she can’t sue.
And I wonder, today,
Could she step forth and say,
To the media, “Hashtag, Me Too”?