The Greek Interpreters 4/27 dinner

We will have an update on our new website and a report from the Atlanta 221B convention by Liza Potts. Note that we have moved up the starting time of the Tantalus Open Bar to 5:30, with dinner being served at 6:30. Please also note that prices now include a share of a room/facility charge. In the past, this charge was waived for U-Club members; now it is assessed at 50% of the normal rate, or approximately $2.50 per person.

Please RSVP NO LATER THAN Saturday April 23. We must give final counts to the U-Club Monday morning, April 25. Payments can be made via check or PayPal. Contact us for more details.


5:30PM Tantalus Open Bar
6:30PM Feast on Chicken or Salmon
7:15PM Quiz Resolution & Discussion
8:30PM Retire


($30.00) Sautéed Rosemary-Garlic Chicken (GF): A breast of chicken, lightly seasoned with herbs, sautéed and topped with roasted tomatoes and lemon-chive sauce.
($34.50) Roasted salmon with julienne squash medley, herb beurre blanc.
Both entrées include house salad, vegetable and starch, non-alcoholic beverages, rolls and butter.


University Club of MSU – Heritage Lounge: upstairs, almost directly above the Fireplace Room


“The Adventure of the Lion’s Mane”
The Adventure of the Lion’s Mane is one we have not discussed in this century — or as far back into the last century as our records go! And yet, many BSI members feel it is a pretty good story.

February 2013

The Winter meeting of the Greek Interpreters was held on Thursday, February 28th, 2013, at the Country Club of Lansing. A fine turnout of nearly 30 members enjoyed an excellent dinner, and spirited conversation. The story on which the evening’s quiz and discussion focused was “The Boscombe Valley Mystery”. A quiz was provided by The Chemist, recently returned from Australia.

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February 2012

On an unseasonably warm, February 15th, 2012, Wednesday evening, two dozen Greek Interpreters gathered at Hershey’s Steak and Seafood restaurant in East Lansing for their Winter meeting. We were particularly heartened by the attendance of several members who had been absent from recent meetings. The evening’s quiz and discussion centered on “The Three Students”.

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February 2011

The beginning of February saw severe weather in East Lansing. The Winter meeting of the Greek Interpreters, originally scheduled for the 1st, was moved to the 3rd due to an oncoming storm. Nevertheless nearly 25 stalwart members assembled at Hershey’s Steak and Seafood restaurant and enjoyed an evening of good food and stimulating conversation. The meeting was an especially happy occasion because Etta Abrahams, aka The Woman I, returned briefly from Maine and challenged us with one of her inimitable quizzes. The story on which the evening’s quiz and discussion focused was “The Adventure of Black Peter”.

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February 2010

Eighteen members of the Greek Interpreters braved the heaviest snowfall of the winter on February 9th, 2010 to attend a Tuesday night meeting at Hershey’s Steak and Seafood restaurant in East Lansing. The story on which the evening’s quiz and discussion focused was “The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax”, a selection from the canon that had not yet been studied by our group. A short quiz was provided by Bill Reusch.

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