October 2013

Tuesday, October 8, 2013 was a gorgeous day on which 20 members of The Greek Interpreters met at the Country Club of Lansing for our traditional Fall meeting. The story on which the evening’s quiz and discussion focused was “The Noble Bachelor.”

This was an appropriate selection, inasmuch as it was the 127th anniversary of the events in this story, according to Baring-­Gould. The year cited by Baring­-Gould (1886) was questioned, as a consequence of the facts listed in Holmes’ reference book (Robert St, Simon, born in 1846, was 41 years old). This would then make our meeting the 126th anniversary. A quiz was provided by The Chemist. Click here to view the quiz.

meeting 10.13

Following the canonical toasts, members were reminded to select an investiture title for the membership list. The discussion that followed was largely centered on the question of bigamy laws in Victorian England. Hatty was clearly shaken to see Frank seated on the aisle when she entered, and some questioned whether she should have stopped the proceedings before the ceremony was finished. Clearly, neither marriage was consummated at that time. In general, Holmes was credited with sensitive way he brought the aggrieved parties together at the end.

An initial report of the member’s ranking of their favorite stories was circulated. Unfortunately, only a few had responded, and we hope for a more extensive poll in the future.

The meeting concluded with a reading of Vincent Starrett’s “221B” poem, followed by our singing of The Anthem.


Ode to Dr. Watson
by John McDonnell

Of all the many entertaining authors
Whose published books by some are fondly kept,
Have any matched your subtle pawky humor?
Were any at descriptions as adept?

Of course you had the great unique advantage
Of having such a gifted friend to know,
And living at a time we view as charming,
From those quaint glimpses that your stories show.

But still, the manner of your stories’ tellings
Stirs up imaginings more than a guess.
We’ve shuddered at portrayals of the villains.
We’ve warmed to view the damsels in distress.

And as for Holmes, you’ve made him such a hero,
We’d no doubt swarm to get his autograph,
And search his face to sense the egotism
That never fails to make our spirits laugh.

Then cheers from all for sturdy Dr. Watson!
The one fixed point within all changing scenes.
His writings cause some pilgrimage to London
Or shorter jaunts to local silver screens.