May 2013

Wednesday, May 1, 2013 was a gorgeous Spring day. Despite its allure, 26 loyal members of The Greek Interpreters met at the Country Club of Lansing for our traditional Spring meeting. The story on which the evening’s quiz and discussion focused was “The Golden Pince-­Nez”. A quiz was provided by The Chemist.

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meeting 5.13

Following the canonical toasts, we were treated to two fascinating accounts of how the deductive and investigative skills of Holmes had been exercised be a member in the resolution of a problem. The first, by Inspector Alec MacDonald (aka Mike DeGrow) detailed how a young lady’s lost eyeglasses were located by pure reasoning. The second, by The Woman (aka Etta Abrahams) described the unmasking of a scoundrel intent on taking advantage of a naive coed. These accounts were greeted with enthusiastic applause, and set a high bar for future examples of this kind. Members also presented their lists of favorite and least favorite stories from the canon.

The meeting concluded with a reading of Vincent Starrett’s “221B” poem, followed by our singing of The Anthem.