May 2012

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012, will be remembered as a significant day of change for the Greek Interpreters. To begin, it was the first time in seven years that our meeting had not been held at Hershey’s Steak and Seafood Restaurant in East Lansing. The ambiance and quality of this establishment had long provided a perfect location for our gatherings. Unfortunately, it no longer exists, and our Spring meeting was convened at the Country Club of Lansing, which proved to be a most agreeable substitute.

More distressing was the news that Charles Press, aka Message Boy, and his wife were leaving us for the comfort of retirement in Grand Rapids. Charlie has long served as one of the Greek Interpreter’s elder statesmen and advisors. Without his institutional memory we may find ourselves temporarily adrift. With the departure of founders such as Etta Abrahams, Howard Brody and Charlie we need enthusiastic new members, and there is hope that a MSU course to be taught by Etta in the Winter of 2013 will help to provide them. Some members believed that the new PBS series “Sherlock” would also initiate renewed interest in the canon.

meeting 5.12-1

The meeting opened with the customary Canonical Toasts to Mrs. Hudson, Mycroft Holmes, the second Mrs. Watson and The Woman. Members then enjoyed an excellent dinner, accompanied by spirited conversation. The story on which the evening’s quiz and discussion focused was one of Charlie’s favorites, “The Red Headed League”. A quiz was provided by The Chemist. Click here to view the quiz. 

The discussion following the quiz focused chiefly on the inconsistencies of the dates given in the story, which is set in Autumn. The date of the advertisement in The Morning Chronicle is given as April 27, 1890. Jabez Wilson says he has been at work for 8 weeks, “Just two months ago.” This would then be by end of June; however the date on the door telling of the league being dissolved is October 9, 1890, a full 6 months after the ad was placed. Dorothy L. Sayers analyzed this discrepancy and claims that the dates must have been August 4 and October 4 respectively.

meeting 5.12-2

The meeting concluded with a reading of Vincent Starrett’s “221B” poem, followed by our singing of The Anthem.