Bob Wilks’ Jeopardy toast to Mycroft

I’m raising a glass to Mycroft,

To Sherlock, both brother and foil.

Who could have foreseen,

Way back in Eighteen-

Ninty-three when created by Doyle,


That Mycroft would be so remembered,

Some hundred-and-twenty years hence, 

That his name would be

On a show on TV, 

Hosted by that most genial of gents?


Mr. Alex Trebec gave the answer!

And both Charlotte and I had to gloat, 

For the contestants blew it,

‘Cause, none of them knew it.

Final Jeopardy was, and I quote,


“This character first appeared in

‘The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter’,

an 1893 story in London’s Strand Magazine.”


The question, then, was, “Who was Mycroft?”

And our knowledge we surely purloined,

From all of our seatings 

In these very meetings,

And we’re awfully glad that we joined!