April 2016

The Greek Interpreters gathered the The University Club of MSU for our spring meeting on April 27, 2016. We focused on “The Adventure of the Lion’s Mane.” We have not discussed it in this century — or as far back into the last century as our records go! And yet, many BSI members feel it is a pretty good story.

After toasts to Irene Adler and Murdoch, included below, we feasted on chicken or salmon. Liza Potts updated us on our new website, and reported on the 221B convention that took place in Atlanta, GA. Etta Abrahams, The Woman I, challenged us with a quiz. Click here to view the quiz.

The meeting concluded with a reading of Vincent Starrett’s “221B” poem, followed by our singing of The Anthem.


To Irene Adler
by Liza Potts

Let us toast The Woman,
A resourceful, intelligent match
For our consulting detective
Of whom the dear Doctor would say is a catch
Whether she’s Granada’s Victorian with tricks,
Or SHERlocked and a dominatrix,
What a woman, indeed
Raise our glasses on high for She, Irene Adler: The Woman

To Murdoch
The Adventure of the Lion’s Mane
by Bob Wilks

I’m proposing a toast to Murdoch,
A man with a mean disposition.
But from him we learn
That to be taciturn
Can lead to unfounded suspicion.

For if someone appears to be murdered,
Although it is surely unfair,
Suspicion might come
To the person who’s glum
If no other suspect is there.

So always appear to be cheerful!
On your face you should paste a big grin, so
If a dog is too yappy
And makes you unhappy,
Don’t throw the poor mutt through a window.

Instead, when something annoys you,
Quickly think happy thoughts, without fail.
Take a deep breath, and then
Count slowly to ten.
Or someday they may cart you to jail!